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Alexandre Ribenboim

Alexandre Ribenboim

Lead Consultant

I have been a serial entrepreneur for more than 20 years. I started three leading companies, successfully exited two of them and the third is still up and running.

As a consultant, I have helped fellow entrepreneurs to design and implement business and marketing strategies that ensured excellence and success in various sectors.

In detail

I have received great industry recognition as an internet pioneer in Brazil for founding and leading the corporate development of MLab, the first internet marketing and consulting company in the country. I was responsible for the full lifecycle of the company: started the company by myself, acquired seed capital, capitalized the company through a Venture Capital fund (Latinvest), and sold the company to a multinational business and IT consulting company Neoris, based in Miami, Florida.

Furthermore, I successfully structured the main departments and processes of the company, including engineering, design, consulting, marketing and sales. Under my leadership, MLab became a reference in large internet and web projects for the Brazilian government and global companies, including Microsoft, Sony, Pepsi, Visa, Epson, Shell, Xerox, and Santander Bank.

My reputation and achievements as a pioneering businessman in teleradiology have also been recognized. I am a founder of Pró-Laudo, the first professional teleradiology company in Brazil to manage a large network of radiologists. Since the merger with Telelaudo, the company receives over 50 thousand scanned radiological studies per month through a secure data network of more than 350 hospitals throughout Brazil. These are analyzed by a team of radiologists and then made into reports and returned to the hospitals.

I have been selected to perform the critical role of Mentor for Endeavor, a non-profit organization that is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world. Through a rigorous, multi-step selection process, Endeavor annually screens thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world to identify those with the best talent and potential for impact. Since 2009, I have participated in panels, mentorships, delivered lectures to specialized audiences and authored multiple original articles in business, marketing, and technology that have been published in Endeavor Brazil’s portal. In 2012, I received the Endeavor Brazil High Impact Mentor award.

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